Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What to Choose True Love or Career?

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In the present world, this question has become very relevant and we often face difficulty in choosing one among true love or career. Both career and true love hold an important place in our lives; therefore, we don't want to miss any of them. However, sometime we face a situation where we have the option of choosing only one.

A good career is very important for living a good life in this world because it helps us to complete many financial dreams. In a world where more than 85 % of the population struggle for a good life, career remains a main priority of people.

People look towards a career as an option to attain a good and stable life; therefore, they put hard efforts on their education and job to reach their goals faster.

True love is something which heals our souls and gives us completeness; however, we remain so much busy in building career that we fail to see it coming.

Today, we see large numbers of people dissatisfied with their lives despite building a good career. The one of the main reasons of this dissatisfaction with life is no presence of love in life.

True love is not only about loving the opposite sex, it is also about loving yourself. You can only fall in True love with another person when you are in true love with yourself.
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You can only fall in True Love

Unfortunately, people don't love themselves and therefore, they don't love the other person. Today, relationships are tailor made to fit our financial expectations more than love.

We hardly think about love when we think about a relationship, we think about financial freedom.

However, when we reach a point of financial freedom than we realize don't have a life because love is the soul of life. When you don't have love in life, then you actually don't have a life.
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When you don't have love

So whenever, you face a similar situation in life then do consider all these points. A career is very important; however, at some time we need to give a chance to love also.

A true love will never become an obstacle in your career path, but it will help to rise even higher.

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