Monday, March 13, 2017

Some of Best Love Quotes to understand love

Love is a very complex emotions and many people have found it hard to understand love because of many unrealistic explanations of love. Love is difficult to explain; however, it can be easily understood by anyone, this is the beauty of love. First, every person needs to discover love inside and then only he can offer it to others. To make it easy for you to understand love, here are 20 best quotes on love.

Love for Family

We human beings always love to live in a family because family provides an essential support for us. Otherwise, it is very difficult for any person to live a healthy life in this world. Due to this reason, we also see love for family in the eyes of every person. Though, we can say that Love for family is not a new thing in our world and every person loves his or her family very much because we human beings are living in the family system for many past centuries.

The family is considered as a place for generating and spreading love among the members of the family and among societies. A good family always works on this principle. Every person has this dream in his mind to have a lovely and supporting family. There are many examples present in front of us where people have seen huge growth in their lives and careers with the help of their families. A family can easily provide lots of support to any person by making him stronger to face the struggles of the world.

However, today we live in a world where we are seeing death of emotions like love and respect for elders. Due to this joint families are disappearing from our world. All these changes are making people alone and emotionally weak. It is very important for all of us to encourage love and strong family tradition in our society so that we can make our society stronger. By encouraging love and family tradition, we can easily decrease numbers of problems present in our society.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Whom to choose in Life, The Person you love or Your Parents?

This question is often faced by many lovers in their life where they need to choose between the person they love and their parents. There are many reasons which can cause such problems like no approval of person by parents, an ego clash between parents and the person etc.

Now it all depends on the person that on which sides, he wants to stay? In life, we can't find perfect solutions because every decision will bring some problems with it. In terms of love, we can find the answer to this question.

The worst thing in life is to not take a decision, and a try to be on both sides. We need to remember that we can't please everyone at the same time. When we try to please everyone then we mostly land in pleasing no one.

When we read about love all written in various forms then it is told that love is supreme. One should always choose the path of love.

However, people mostly misunderstand love, love is not only restricted for the lovers. Love can be present in any relationship or you can have love for God or self.

The main point is following the path of love, which ever you choose, very religiously.

Between parents and the person you love, you should choose whom you love most. Whether they are your parents or your lover.

No one can postpone such decisions because it will hurt both and at one point, you may not be left with a single option. Therefore, it is good to go one way and not regret your decision.

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Love Quote on Trust
Things, people and situation change with time, many things which we feel important at some point in time, may not be as important at later part of life. However, when we trust love to decide the right path, then love never fails us.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What to Choose True Love or Career?

True Love, Career
In the present world, this question has become very relevant and we often face difficulty in choosing one among true love or career. Both career and true love hold an important place in our lives; therefore, we don't want to miss any of them. However, sometime we face a situation where we have the option of choosing only one.

A good career is very important for living a good life in this world because it helps us to complete many financial dreams. In a world where more than 85 % of the population struggle for a good life, career remains a main priority of people.

People look towards a career as an option to attain a good and stable life; therefore, they put hard efforts on their education and job to reach their goals faster.

True love is something which heals our souls and gives us completeness; however, we remain so much busy in building career that we fail to see it coming.

Today, we see large numbers of people dissatisfied with their lives despite building a good career. The one of the main reasons of this dissatisfaction with life is no presence of love in life.

True love is not only about loving the opposite sex, it is also about loving yourself. You can only fall in True love with another person when you are in true love with yourself.
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You can only fall in True Love

Unfortunately, people don't love themselves and therefore, they don't love the other person. Today, relationships are tailor made to fit our financial expectations more than love.

We hardly think about love when we think about a relationship, we think about financial freedom.

However, when we reach a point of financial freedom than we realize don't have a life because love is the soul of life. When you don't have love in life, then you actually don't have a life.
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When you don't have love

So whenever, you face a similar situation in life then do consider all these points. A career is very important; however, at some time we need to give a chance to love also.

A true love will never become an obstacle in your career path, but it will help to rise even higher.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Creating a world of love (Why Love is Important)

Sometimes, I think that why we do not try to make a world of love where every person breathes love, talks love and spreads love. In this world, we do not find any trace of hatred and it is simply a banned thing to hate anyone in this world. We should imagine a world where we can find love in every part and all people live happily with each other because of love.

Love is a great solution for hate free and violence free world; however, problem is that no one wants to work in this direction and add love to our world. Every one is busy in adding hatred to this world. Due to this reason, lots of people have lost their faith in love. Love is truly a great emotion for creating a good and happy world.

We can easily achieve this goal where every person is happy and enjoying life with the help of love. This all starts with each one of us when we start accepting love as part of our life and promise to our self that we will never hate any one, we simply take a step in creating a world of love. World of love is a necessity of present world which is suffering from many problems.

All major problems of world have emerged from hatred where we do not love others and do things to hurt others. In world of love, no one hates or hurt others and we all work together in direction to make this world a good place for all beings created by god.

Listen to Romantic Saxophone Music Video

Music is a great instrument to awaken any feeling in any person. Similarly, music can be used to generate feeling of love and romance. Below listen to romantic saxophone music to fall in love. I found this music very soothing and amazing so I am sharing it below. Hope this good music will add more love and romance to your life. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Love can remove all our stresses and tensions

Love presents a great hope in front of us to live a beautiful and stress free life under any bad situation. Many couples live happily in difficult situations because love gives them power to live happily and remain stress free. If you are presently facing stress and tension in your life then definitely love is missing from it and you need to find it some how. 

Love is not about loving opposite sex only; however, it is much bigger than all this. This is simplest yet greatest force of world which has enormous power stored in it. Just simply fall in love and discover this open secret of greatness of love. Today, most of world is stressful and tense because it is moving away from love. 

Today, very less numbers of people actually truly love each other; though, we all pretend so much on the name of love. True love is a mediation which awakens our souls to accept direct bless from supreme power. We do not need any education or knowledge to fall in love, it just happens when we open ourselves to accept it. If you find a tension free and happy person then you can conclude that he is in love. 

People who are in love they never feel any stress or tension in life because love never allows them to do so. Love itself is a great bless and we enjoy so much in love that everything starts looking wonderful to us. There are many examples of true lovers who have enjoyed great difficulties of world with the power of love. Open yourself to love to live a stress free and tension free life and see how love makes your life wonderful.