Wednesday, March 28, 2012

True Love where lover is everything

Generally, it is very difficult task to be in true love because true love requires lots of sacrifices from any person. True lover gives so much importance to his lover that he becomes everything for him or her. However, in life we all want our lover should love us but we do not want to start unconditional and supreme love ourselves. The truth of true love is that it lies in giving and making our lover happy and not in finding it.

Due to great difficultly in this road, very less numbers of people actually fall in true love, else all just pretend as true lovers. Being a true lover, you loss yourself in your lover and at some point of time you do not even exist. Such non existence and being one with lover brings great harmony with it. Moreover, true love is more a phenomenon belonging to souls and it has nothing to do with flash.

Those who search love in flash lose it soon with the decay of flash. There are many examples of true lovers who left everything to attain their love and even left their body one day. To the time, you love yourself and body in love you can never find bless of true love. To be in true love, you need to make yourself one with love with no distinction at all. The day you attain it, you become a true spirit and a true lover. 

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