Sunday, August 31, 2014

Whom to choose in Life, The Person you love or Your Parents?

This question is often faced by many lovers in their life where they need to choose between the person they love and their parents. There are many reasons which can cause such problems like no approval of person by parents, an ego clash between parents and the person etc.

Now it all depends on the person that on which sides, he wants to stay? In life, we can't find perfect solutions because every decision will bring some problems with it. In terms of love, we can find the answer to this question.

The worst thing in life is to not take a decision, and a try to be on both sides. We need to remember that we can't please everyone at the same time. When we try to please everyone then we mostly land in pleasing no one.

When we read about love all written in various forms then it is told that love is supreme. One should always choose the path of love.

However, people mostly misunderstand love, love is not only restricted for the lovers. Love can be present in any relationship or you can have love for God or self.

The main point is following the path of love, which ever you choose, very religiously.

Between parents and the person you love, you should choose whom you love most. Whether they are your parents or your lover.

No one can postpone such decisions because it will hurt both and at one point, you may not be left with a single option. Therefore, it is good to go one way and not regret your decision.

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Love Quote on Trust
Things, people and situation change with time, many things which we feel important at some point in time, may not be as important at later part of life. However, when we trust love to decide the right path, then love never fails us.

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  1. i think that in love we should respect each other family we are in this world because of our parents love does not meant to be remain in relation or we should marry each other but where we are we should also have a same feeling for her or him