Friday, March 30, 2012

Creating a world of love (Why Love is Important)

Sometimes, I think that why we do not try to make a world of love where every person breathes love, talks love and spreads love. In this world, we do not find any trace of hatred and it is simply a banned thing to hate anyone in this world. We should imagine a world where we can find love in every part and all people live happily with each other because of love.

Love is a great solution for hate free and violence free world; however, problem is that no one wants to work in this direction and add love to our world. Every one is busy in adding hatred to this world. Due to this reason, lots of people have lost their faith in love. Love is truly a great emotion for creating a good and happy world.

We can easily achieve this goal where every person is happy and enjoying life with the help of love. This all starts with each one of us when we start accepting love as part of our life and promise to our self that we will never hate any one, we simply take a step in creating a world of love. World of love is a necessity of present world which is suffering from many problems.

All major problems of world have emerged from hatred where we do not love others and do things to hurt others. In world of love, no one hates or hurt others and we all work together in direction to make this world a good place for all beings created by god.

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